Soybean Agronomy

  • Experienced in growing soybeans since 2009
  • 12 years of field scale and small-scale soybean agronomy trials
  • Wide range of soybean maturity rating and herbicide platforms available

Forage Agronomy

  • Forage Seed Specialist since 2003
  • Proven Hay and pasture blends which have been used on over 100,000 acres in Southeast Saskatchewan
  • Able to find the proper species for the individual goal of the forage stand
  • Alfalfa, grass, clover, and specialty legumes available in custom or stock blends

Corn Seed Agronomy

  • Experienced in growing corn for grazing, silage, or Grain for 20 plus years
  • We find varieties with high production combined with palatability for grazing and silage
  • Early grain varieties are available as well. Lower CHU ratings are being developed and coming to the market

Canola Agronomy

  • New LL traited straight cut varieties will be trialed in 2022 with a launch in 2023
  • Round up extend and Clearfield varieties

Custom Application of Seed Treatment (protection) and Inoculants

  • KSI application technology offers professional application of seed dressings and inoculants
  • Save the seed treating mess and know your coverage is perfect and your rate accurate

Localized Plot and Farm Scale Trial Data

  • Whenever possible we grow and trial seed varieties and products that we market, or custom apply through the treater
  • Our annual Poker Plot Tour highlights our annual plot trial work

Customer Field Visits to Assess Crop Establishment and Health

  • Each summer we spend extensive time visiting the various varieties being grown by our customers to better understand the products we supply
  • Always available for scouting if a customer has a concern
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